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Fri. Jan 4th 2019
Congratulations to Joe Sullivan on being appointed Full Time to the Department.
Sat. Feb 17th 2018
The Millis Fire Department would like to welcome Steve Tyner and wish him many years of happiness and health


  The Professional Firefighters of Millis

Close before you doze 


Congratulations to LT. Conrad and FF. Cam Wenzel on becoming certified Paramedics



ALS Program

The Millis Fire Department is proudly operating at the Advanced Life Support level. 






"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Smoke detectors the sound you can live with!



Change your smoke detector batteries today!  




Flu Season is upon us!

There are many questions about the upcoming flu season and the flu. The websites below can answer many of those questions.

Cover your cough and wash your hands!



Another Concern for people is asbestos. Check out the link below to answer your questions. 

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